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We collaborate with our clients to develop post-acute strategy for hospitals, skilled nursing, transitional care and health networks.

We offer operational assessments and solution-focused services for our clients.  We focus on core operations competency, develop compliance programs, and revenue cycle management.  Our programs are designed to increase efficiency, clinical competency, and regulatory compliance so our clients are prepared to meet the challenges of value-based reimbursement and beyond.


Regulatory Readiness & Response


We conduct a 360-degree regulatory review of operational, policies, training, resources and patient outcomes to identify areas of opportunity, educate staff, and mitigate provider risk for avoidable citations, civil monetary fines and five star rating impact. 

Swing-Bed and SNU

Value-based reimbursement requires a fresh analysis of ever aspect of an organization including bed certification and licensure.  We analyze the options and provide you with expert recommendations for sustainable growth and proper allocation of patient utilization of days.

Annual Facility Assessment

Providers compliance with the annual  CMS comprehensive facility assessment requirement for Phase II, are guided by the 30-module FACT Assessment protocol as a self-assessment or validated consultation.  The report findings are presented in a QAPI friendly format and action ready recommendations for implementation.

Revenue Management

Independent review of internal people, processes, and policies involved in revenue cycle to improve workflow and accuracy to streamline cash-flow based upon key performance indicators and national benchmarks. Our team audits for accurate coding, clean claim rate, appeal/denial management and resident trust accounts.

Compliance Strategy

We spearhead the key elements to meet the statutory requirements for an effective compliance program.  Assessing internal process, reporting mechanisms, knowledge and risk matrix.  HIPPA and Electronic Health Record data safeguards prevent unauthorized data breach.

Utilization and Futurecast

On-site review of historic utilization trends, referral patters, health-demographics, and community epidemiology projection to align facility resources, to serve market demands.  Right-size workforce and workflow analysis.  


With a balanced view of a healthcare organization’s people, process , strategy and technology, we work with providers to understand their unique challenges, operational needs, and to develop practical strategies, workflow efficiency and technology solutions.

From facility assessments, operational strategy development through implementation and deployment, our consultants are committed to helping client providers realize value and achieve sustainable return on investment.

We offer providers a tailored solution ,  developing strategic recommendations in a collaborative approach and work to elevate organizational knowledge throughout each engagement.



Chief Executive Officer

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Cydney M. Bare, MBA, NHA
Senior Post-Acute Consultant

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Greg Lindsey
Chief Operations Officer

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